Virtually every activity conducted online that requires an interaction or exchange of information requires a valid email address as identity and/or a communication point.  While there is a proliferation of new social media and channels, an email address is still the backbone of all online communications and an integral part of people’s business and personal lives. 

Companies are spending more effort, resources and money to reach their customers and prospects online, more specifically, via email. Whether your email communication is for marketing, eBilling, operational or alerts, all of your time, effort and investment in capturing and maintaining a valid email address are lost once it turns bad. A bad email address will impact your overall communication ROI, email sender reputation and creates a lost opportunity for your company.

By leveraging email change of address, you’ll maintain customer communication benefits that you have worked so hard for. 

ECOALink®   Benefits You Will Realize:

  • Maintain the reach of your social media marketing efforts
  • Staying connected with customers so that your marketing programs can realize their full potential
  • Increased incremental sales and reduce costs, increasing productivity and profits
  • Improved customer retention
  • Maximize your email delivery and sender reputation
  • Maximize your communication efforts
  • Improved overall communication ROI
  • Minimize lost opportunities
  • Staying more connected with customers
  • Communicating more effectively

ECOALink® serves as a cost effective solution to allow you to stay connected with your customers and prospects, thus preserving all of your time, effort and investment in capturing and maintaining vaild email addresses in the first place!

Email Append® LLC is a pioneer in consumer and business email data solutions since 1999, let us help you create new and more effective ways to communicate with your customers!

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