Email Solutions

It's all about improving customer retention, increasing incremental value and staying connected with your customers and prospects! 

Digital innovation has forever changed the relationship of brands to consumers and marketers are faced with a marketing landscape that has fundamentally changed.  The consumer has increasing control and influence on how they want to be marketed to.  Despite all of this, demand on the marketer to improve business performance, revenue growth, market share, and profitability has not diminished.

Our email data solutions support our client’s marketing strategies that influence consumer behavior over time and enable marketers to seize the digital innovations and changing marketing landscape.  Whether it's ECOALink®,   email appending, acquisition or hygiene, our email data solutions allow you to focus on improving your marketing efficiencies, lowering your costs, building more effective infrastructures, and shifting more dollars to addressable data-driven digital mediums.   In order to achieve efficiencies and improvements, marketers must improve their communication programs, lower overall cost per contact and extend their marketing reach by increasing their digital touch points.

Email Append® LLC brings its expertise to bear and our consultative approach allows us to partner with clients and provide them with the resources, framework, knowledge, and best practices we have developed over the years. Our commitment to a team approach, coupled with our passion, dedication and commetiment to our clients’ success, consistently delivers high-quality results with an outstanding level of customer service.  

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