Getting Started!

 Getting from start to finish in 5 easy steps.


Consult with an email data solutions specialist to determine your optimal ECOALink®   frequency based on your corporate communications needs.


Upload your file via our secure FTP site. Fields required: Unique customer ID, Name, USPS address, bad email address.


Provide copy or content for the permission pass email that will be sent to the customer's new email address.  We can provide samples to reference.      


Review new ECOALink®   matches, approve and deploy permission pass email message.


Download your file via our secure FTP site and stay connected with your customers and prospects!


ECOALink® serves as a cost effective solution to allow you to stay connected with your customers and prospects, thus preserving all of your time, effort and investment in capturing and maintaining valid email addresses in the first place!


GET STARTED NOW and contact an email data consultant
at 781-631-3600 x1 to help determine your optimal ECOALink®    solution!