Append Multiple Email Addresses for Each Individual

More matches mean better results! - According to online industry experts and publications, most consumers have and maintain 3 or more personal email addresses.  Think about how many you currently use, perhaps one for online statements, one for socializing and another email address to provide to companies or web sites who request it as part of an information exchange or inquiry. 

With Email Append® LLC you can append multiple valid and deliverable email addresses for each individual in a household.  By getting your marketing message into multiple inboxes for the same individual your campaign will be more effective, responsive and you will receive better results.

Email Appending is typically done at either the individual level or household level. We give you a third and better option, “All Per” match level, to append multiple email addresses to the same individual.  You can even limit how many email addresses you want back or even choose certain domains to suppress.  This flexibility gives you total control to expand your marketing options.

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