Developing a Clearer Understanding of Your Customer

All marketers have holes in their consumer (and business) data that they keep throwing money into and these holes are not allowing them to see and understand who their customer truly is.  The best way to add incremental value to your bottom line and improve ROI on your marketing initiatives is to add online and offline data on your customers. This data will provide a clearer understanding on who they are, their value to your organization and tell you the most effective way to communicate to them!

Email Append® LLC can provide you current email addresses along with current demographic information containing hundreds of lifestyle and interest elements that will become a sharper lens into better understanding your customers! Appending email addresses and demographics can be done in one pass of your file saving you time and money.

Develop a Clearer Understanding of Your Customer by:

  • Appending valid consumer emails to your current customer file/database
  • Appending current consumer demographic data elements to your customer file/database
  • Provide updated email addresses, change of address for your undeliverable addresses
  • Provide analytics via enhancement data elements (consumer or business) to profile and better understand which customers to invest in for retention.
  • ALL done together to save you time and money!

Now more than ever is the time to leverage current email and consumer demographic data that will become the foundation of your customer understanding before it’s too late. 

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