Improve Your Email Acquisition Initiatives

It’s all about contacting, engaging and acquiring!

Email remains the primary online communication tool despite social inbox use and email's overwhelming cost-effectiveness continues to drive spending as more and more companies move from traditional direct mail and other channels to email. This probably holds true to your own marketing budget. What does this all mean? That it will get harder and harder for legitimate marketing email messages to get delivered as email volumes rise and messaging filters at the big ISP’s get more and more sophisticated where they actually adapt and evolve over time.

Our email prospecting ecosystem is a closed-looped continuity email program focusing on improving your email acquisition initiatives.  Multiple messages are sent in multiple waves meant to deliver relevance, generate response and to foster continuous improvements.  You, the marketer, maintain total control over the entire process by selecting the targeted audience, providing the message content and dictating the message cadence.  And the best part, you only pay for messages that get delivered!

When evaluating your email acquisition metrics, keep in mind that typically:

  • Advertisers over weight acquisition metrics
    • Cost per thousand, cost per acquisition, gross rating point or target rating point
    • This creates “quiet types”
  • Advertisers under weight “acquired value” metrics
    • Likely longevity of relationship, upsell/cross-sell potential, influence, service costs

Advertisers should measure customer value per ad dollar

Leverage our leadership in email data solutions and improve your email acquisition initiatives by implementing our email prospecting ecosystem approach. 

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