More emails means more online sales!

While you're doing everything you can to improve response rates, increase relevance and incorporate social forwarding features, at the end of the day the final numbers will be what they are.  In your relentless efforts to continually improve your results, you've created your baseline and are fine tuning your offers, message cadence and brand to improve your overall return on investment.

However, by adding more emails, thus increasing the size of your email universe and number of messages deployed, your percentages will likely remain the same but the response numbers will be larger and will have dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Best of all, you tell us what kind of email addresses you would like to add. Since we maintain name, USPS address and over 200 demographic data elements at the email address level, you dictate the audience.  It might be based on a demographic profile, look-a-like model or other analytics or segmentation that you are targeting! 

Email content is an essential ingredient of every marketing program and we have the most comprehensive email information in the industry. We can enable you to quickly and cost-effectively improve your email programs by expanding your marketing reach, lowering your cost per contact and increasing the net contribution and profitability of every campaign.  


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