Email is Driving Sales

Email is selling more than you know - Marketers are realizing that email is driving more sales then even the channel's most ardent supporters believe.  50% of customers surveyed said the mere fact that they receive permission-based email from a company makes them more likely to buy products from the sender in the future regardless of the channel through which the purchase takes place.  They further comment that they save the email in their inboxes and refer to them later when making purchases.

Is your email channel driving response and sales??  It should, it's immensely profitable!!!   By expanding your marketing options you can create and improve email communications with your customers.  Smart marketers will drive email offers to their customers and prospects for immediate and future interactions and purchases.  The business climate is very challenging today as all marketers are forced to do more, improve results with less resources and budgets, but communicating relevant email offers will add value and increase sales.

Now more than ever is the time to communicate to your current customers via email.  Are you digitally ready? 

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